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Untreated hearing loss has been linked to many negative health consequences, such as dementia, increased risk of falls, social isolation, and even increased brain tissue loss. Click the following link to read about a study regarding Hearing Loss and Accelerated Brain Tissue Loss done by researches at Johns Hopkins University.  Another article regarding the Hidden Risks of Hearing Loss can be viewed on their website. 

If you or someone you love has hearing loss, please contact us at 740-654-3571 to schedule a full diagnostic hearing evaluation.

Direct to All Smartphone Hearing Aids

Phonak has released its second generation hearing aid that is direct to both iPhone and Android phones and streams the cell phone audio to both ears! This product, called Phonak Paradise, can be paired with up to 8 Bluetooth devices and two can be simultaneously connected! It is also available with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. A super power Behind-The-Ear hearing aid is available in this product line. Our patients have had a very positive response to this new product!  

Phonak Virto Marvel Black and Roger On 

In January 2020, Virto Black made its debut at the world-renowned CES 2020 in Las Vegas and was also voted “Best of the Best” by the editors of Engadget in the Accessible Tech category. Engadget, a leading consumer technology publication, recognized that Virto Black blurred the lines between a hearing aid and an earbud. Its stigma-busting yet stylish design was intended to help people seek treatment sooner while boasting innovative hearing technology that could meet the needs of even severe forms of hearing loss.

Debuting in Summer 2021, Phonak Roger On received the “Red Dot” award for its high design quality. Teenagers and adults who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants can still struggle to understand and communicate in noisy situations and over distance. The new Roger On remote microphone will feature enhanced technology and an improved pointing mode that allows the user to zoom in on a speaker by simply pointing, making it easier to have meaningful conversations.

Phonak Marvel Mini Charger
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