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Assistive Devices

Remote Microphones

Most manufacturers offer a remote microphone option that can be clipped onto a conversation partner. This device helps to overcome background noise and distance. Sometimes this pairs directly to a hearing aid, other times it is used with another intermediary device.

phonak mic

TV Transmitters

Phone Connectivity


TV transmitters are plugged into the back of the television to give a clearer signal directly to the hearing aids or to the hearing aids through an intermediary device.

Most manufacturers offer a direct to smartphone option that streams cell phone calls into both ears. One manufacturer offers hearing aids that can stream from any Bluetooth device. If the hearing aids are not direct-to-smartphone, an intermediary device can be worn around the neck that can stream phone calls.

phonak marvel
oticon streamer

Captioned Land Line Phones

For those who have difficulty understanding speech on their landline phone due to poor word discrimination, a captioned phone can be a good solution. For Apple and Android cell phones, an app can be downloaded to caption phone calls.  Call our office to inquire about these options to improve phone communication!

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