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Custom Swimplugs

Plugs that are designed for use while surface swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal.

aquanot swimplugs

Noise/Sleep Plugs

Custom sleep or noise plugs can be superior in comfort to non-custom foam plugs.

sleep plugs

Musician's Plugs

Ear protection for musicians can be ordered with several different filter options, depending on the needs of the musician.

Musicians earplugs

Peltor Earmuffs

Electronic headsets are ideal for workers who need to communicate in noisy environments. Hunters can also use electronic muffs that amplify soft sounds and compress with gunfire.

Peltor Tactical Muffs

Anyone who earns their living with their hands - and their muscles - has our respect. But no matter how tough the job, and no matter how tough those who do it, every human being’s ears are delicate. Job sites are inherently noisy places, putting even the most rugged individual’s hearing at risk. Power tools, heavy machinery, even a hammer hitting a nail can generate well over 120 dB, permanently damaging a person’s hearing - even in a matter of minutes.

At Audiology Associates, we carry a wide variety of ear protection ranging from custom swimplugs, custom earplugs, with or without special filtering capabilities to over-the-ear headphones and everything in between. For those individuals with hearing loss, electronic earmuffs can offer the dual benefit of amplifying soft to moderate sounds and limiting those loud sounds which can be damaging to the ear. Smaller devices, called Hunter’s Ear, are available for hunters and provide the same benefits as electronic earmuffs. These can be preferable for hunting as they are less cumbersome, more comfortable, and do not obscure peripheral vision. Noise-induced hearing loss is the only preventable hearing loss. Make sure you protect your hearing from noise damage!

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