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Professional Hearing Care

Welcome to Audiology Associates of Lancaster.  At Audiology Associates, we are independent professionals who diagnose and manage hearing loss.  We are experts in selecting, fitting, and dispensing amplification systems, such as hearing aids and assistive listening devices.  We are also trained to help those suffering from tinnitus. In addition, we help prevent hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protection.

Why Choose Audiology Associates?

We believe that each person has different needs.  Maintaining good communication with your family and friends is absolutely critical.  Our staff is committed to providing outstanding service in conjunction with the most current innovations in hearing instrument technology.

  • Hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings by the highest qualified professionals (audiologists)

  • We used evidence-based practices, including probe microphone testing (Real Ear Measurements) for all hearing aid fittings

  • 30 day trial of any hearing aid

  • NO high pressure sales

  • Comprehensive in-office repair lab

  • Widest selection of hearing aid technology

  • Extended financing options

  • Proudly serving the Lancaster area since 1990

Call our office at 740-654-3571 if you or someone you love is having

difficulty communicating. A family member or friend is often the first to notice a hearing loss.

Business Hours

  • Monday:  9am - 4pm

  • Tuesday:  9am - 4pm

  • Wednesday:  9am - 6pm

  • Thursday:  9am - 4pm

  • Friday:  9am - 4pm

    (evening hours by appointment)

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